Happy Holidays 2020

Six Star Motorsports would like to wish a Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers, partners & friends. We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy throughout and we appreciate your continued support! Sincerely,  The Six Star Motorsports Team   Holiday Hours12/24 – Half Day12/25 – Closed12/26 – Closed12/27 – Closed12/31 – Half Day1/1/2020 – ClosedTelephone – +1 (224) 653-9626Email – … Read More

S209 Dyno fun! Baseline and Stage 1 Cobb Map.

Oh S209. A lightning rod for controversy. One thing that can’t be ignored is this will be swan song for Subaru’s 30 years of turbo EJ based engines. Today we are going to find out what number 105 of 209 can lay down on our dyno, first factory stock and then with the Cobb Stage 1 93 Oct tune. The … Read More


This is one of the first posts I’ve done in a while but here we go! The latest and greatest stuff in our industry, in the Subaru world, what’s in and what’s coming up, well, lets start with a brand that has changed the game more than once in their fairly short life-span. So for a re-introduction post we’re going … Read More

Subaru concepts and new models we’ll probably never see!

Subaru brought out some cars to spotlight at this years Tokyo Auto Salon Here are some of the cars they provided eye candy for! Subaru 555 Rally Cars! 2017 Super GT Series, the BRZ GT300    Subaru Levorg STI Sport S208 STI Subaru BRZ STI Subaru STI NBR Challenge BRZ STI Sport Impreza Future Sport And lastly the new Subaru … Read More

Skunkworks STI is online!

  https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fdsportmag.com%2Fthe-cars%2Ffeatures%2Fbaby-driver-grows-up-800hp-vab-subaru-sti%2F&h=ATOAKqeCr_98qd3qH0Rzy6YY_gjSzU8W4qHtRYi7hpy2tPw7LrlVZYAe5vWYYMMTIyCC5SNQeRnapChx1gvIw5_BUmYGuR_xId9NTP3e8FtSkk4OXHv5WKqib23I8lJ1lrIq5u-ty_Q&s=1&enc=AZP-7GUa7dARRlx8IOGEQwBQOSF92IlJz8RWcBIyPiXBMcIOWr78nyXBUa0epCf5AhuJ8V5WlgX6dEm39Lj8ZDqErgnewx1q99grNmDgNtKvWg If you didn’t get your paper copy here it is online! From the start to the end, it’s a tell-all of the trials and tribulations to get where we did. From the technical aspects of the parts picked out down to the finalization and layout of the build. Mark

Six Star Motorsports working through the Holidays!

We have cars that need to get out of here!!! What’s the best way to get for us to give back?! PUT IN THE TIME! We’re coming in on weekends, we’re staying late during the week, we’re even hiring on more staff!!!! Everything from Staged packages, Closed Deck Engines, FMIC and Turbo Kits & more!!! We had a tuning session … Read More

2019 Subaru Ascent – The New SUV!

LIKES Bigger Subaru = better Three rows for families Upgraded safety systems DISLIKES Maybe bigger Subaru ≠ better? Small power for big crossover Fuel economy unknown The Ascent’s 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer-four is an all-new engine. It produces 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. Subaru says it expects a 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds. (Or 9.8 when loaded up with that … Read More

We have a new FB For-Sale Page that everyone should check out!

https://www.facebook.com/sixstarforsale/ Check out the link! It’s a compilation of open box items, used items, new items, random parts laying around or whatever we just want to get rid of. Keep up with it as we will attempt to make a daily post with parts and prices associated. Thank you and see ya guys soon! Mark

Six Star Motorsports Portfolio is up! Our first car is THE car, Skunkworks!

What started as a concept has risen to reality by a few common minds; to create something radical! We would like to thank some individuals that were part of this build with us 😉 First off we’d like to thank Filippo Meli for giving us the opportunity to work with his vision of what he wanted as a road going machine that can … Read More

Six Star Motorsports Webpage ALL NEW!

We have redesign the webpage to be way more interactive with you THE PEOPLE! A whole new shopping cart is in the works, a customer portfolio and media page along with our own updated blogs for all the new parts, services, up and coming sales or events! Keep an eye out for the revamped Six Star Motorsports and all the … Read More