Service FAQ: What You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read Carefully 🙂


Do you have an appointment? If not, you will need one. Due to the extreme influx of clients we are changing up our communications so expect to be responded to in the next 24-48 hours. If you require more immediate service then please leave a voicemail for our service department and you should be contacted back shortly.

Phone: 1 (224) 653-9626

Vehicle Pickup

During this Covid-19 preventative service, which we are stern on upholding; we ask that you do your best to drop your vehicle off for any services to be performed unless told otherwise when scheduling your appointment. 

After 3 days of completion and invoicing, you can be charged up to 25 dollars per day for exterior, outside storage. If interior storage is required, a fee of 75 dollars per day will be added. 

After 7 days we retain the right to tow your vehicle out through Redmonds towing and be held in their lot under your expense.

Please communicate if you cannot pick up your vehicle 😀

Service FAQs

We ask that you remove or store any loose personal belongings that may require us to interact with. Please allow easy access to the cabin and if you require work performed to any of the following in-cabin services we ask that there are no obstructions that may impede our capabilities.

*Broken/Stripped/Corroded/Failed Bolt or Hardware such as control arm bolts, ball joint pinch bolts, sway bar links, brake caliper bolts, bleeder screws or hardware along with intake and exhaust hardware. 

*Chassis Rot when working on vehicles such as rusted control arms, sub frames and frame rails and lift points. 

*We hold no liability for any aero components such as splitters and diffusers unless WE install them. If they rip off on our test drive, we have no responsibility for what occurs with them due to weather or installation/part errors. 

*New fluid leaks due to work associated such as replacing a radiator and now because it is properly sealed, a different coolant hose leaks in a different part of the system.

  • Put your wheel look into the cup holder if you require wheel service for tire rotations, alignments, or tire replacement
  • Clear out belongings from glove-box for Cabin Filter services (simply put into bag and put into rear of vehicle)
  • Remove all charging cables, radars, or powered items
  • Any items in cup-holders
  • Any items that are stowed away in the visors
2011 Subaru STI Interior
  • Remove and all items off seats and floor; stow away into a bag put into trunk of the vehicle
  • Clean your trunk if you need to prior to arriving if you know we will have to service it
  • Take all loose items and put them into bags or boxes that are closed or tied off
  • Ensure that the required PDI is performed and that you have completed the Vehicle Information Form
  • Ensure your AccessPort is in your vehicle.
  • Flex-Fuel Customers: Make sure you are prepared with around ⅛ of a tank of fuel (93 Oct)
  • Please arrive on time, scheduling for tuning is time sensitive. If you do not arrive on time you will be moved to the end of the session for the day.

Cobb Accessport

Parts that require special order must be paid for in advance; please speak with your rep for accuracy of parts 

Other FAQs

All attempts are made to keep our shopping cart and online store pricing up to date, but despite our best efforts product availability or pricing may change in the time your order is processing. We’ll always contact the customer on a price or availability change and allow them the option to pay the surcharge, cancel the order for a full refund, or make alternative arrangements that suit all parties..

All International orders must be prepaid, with either, a U.S. Money Order, Certified Check, Or Bank Wire. International orders cannot be paid for with a credit card, and previous arrangements must be made beforehand. Please contact us via email for all international Inquiries.

All items purchased from Six Star Motorsports are covered through the manufactures warranty. SSM does not assume responsibility for warranty of any products. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance that a product you have purchased needs to be warranted, please contact us first so we can help you get the issue resolved. The installation of some aftermarket parts might void your vehicle’s factory warranty; you should always consult with your mechanic, tuner, and potentially the local authorities (i.e.: exhaust) before installing any aftermarket parts.

Six Star Motorsports (SSM). warrants to the consumer that all of its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from date of the original purchase. Products that fail within this 6-month warranty period will be repaired or replaced at SSM’s option, when determined by APM that the product failed due to defects in material or workmanship. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the part when limited for street use. Any competitive, driver instructional course, or motorsport use voids all warranties unless otherwise specified.

In no event shall this warranty exceed the original purchase price of the warranted part nor shall SSM be responsible for special, incidental, or consequential damages or cost incurred due to the failure of this product. Warranty claims to SSM must be shipped to our location accompanied with copy of the dated proof of purchase and associated Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by an SSM associate. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of product and is non-transferable. All implied warranties shall be limited in duration to the aforementioned warranty period. Improper use or installation, use for racing, accident, abuse, unauthorized repairs or alterations voids this warranty.

This warranty only covers parts manufactured and fabricated by Six Star Motorsports; parts included as part of any “kit” that should fail are covered under their respective manufacturer’s warranties. Warranty returns will only be accepted by SSM when accompanied by a valid RMA number. Product must be received by SSM within 30 days of the date an RMA is issued.

Exhaust components are covered when installed properly, and as supplied. Aftermarket coatings, wrappings, or otherwise modified components are excluded from their respective warranties.

If you have a warranty issue, please call (224) 653-9626, and our customer service department will assist you. A proof of purchase is required for all SSM warranty claims.

All products purchased from SSM are considered for “Off Road Use Only”. Six Star Motorsports is not responsible for the use of any of these parts on your vehicle. SSM Tuned is not responsible for any modifications made to a vehicle, or any damage resulting due to the installation of a product. Please refer to your factory warranty information prior to installation. It is recommended that you have a factory certified mechanic install your products.

If think you are missing some parts or components of a kit, please be sure to contact one of our representatives. One of our sales team experts will be able to assist you. Some parts that we sell come from overseas; this sometimes leads to products not having English instructions. Most English instructions can be obtainable through the manufacturer, or SSM, please be sure to contact us if this occurs.

SSM is not responsible for any damages that result during transport. We take as many precautions as we can to ensure that your product arrives in one piece, but accidents still happen. All packages are insured for the full amount that was paid. If the situation occurs that one of your packages is damaged please be sure to save all original packaging, and notify us immediately. If you are worried about the contents of a package, make sure you inspect everything before signing for it.

SSM Tuned typically only charges products once they are due to ship out. The exception to this rule are special order, made to order, or back order items. Every card is authorized once the order is placed, but no funds are collected until your order ships out. This makes it very easy for us to avoid billing issues, but in the rare occasion that you feel like there has been an error, please contact us immediately.

Orders that are not in stock may be cancelled at any time. If a order is in stock and has begun the ‘In Progress’ stage, a cancellation fee will apply, and the amount dependent upon the items ordered. No exceptions. Orders with special handling requests (coatings, custom fabrication, etc) are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. Special order items that have been ordered are handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the return policies of the item manufacturer. If in doubt, discuss this with your sales associate PRIOR to ordering. Otherwise, any back ordered item that has been requested, will be treated as “special order” and will fall under the case-by-case basis, depending on the return policies of the item manufacturer.

If for some reason you are not happy with your product, please contact us so we can try to help. If you’re not happy with your purchase, that’s all right, we will take it back. SSM reserves the right to charge up to a 25% restocking fee for all returns. All returns must be made within 30 days of shipment date. All returns must have an approved RMA number; no product will be accepted without one. We are able to take back items that are new, in unused condition, and in their original packaging. Due to the nature of electrical items, we are not able to accept them for return. Shipping charges for returned merchandise are the responsibility of the customer, and the original shipping costs are not refundable.

SSM strives to keep a competitive and fair pricing strategy on their products and services. That being said, the pricing we have is already reflecting that ideal and is subject to change without notice. “Pricing Quotes” are only honored if they are in writing. All verbal conversations regarding pricing should be taken as estimates at best. Any quotation is only good for 30 days.