Upon arrival to our 15,000 sq. ft. facility you’ll realize who we are and what we do. We do Subaru and from the time you pull into our lot you’ll be able to tell. We house specialty equipment for the Subaru platforms ONLY so you know that your car will be taken care of the right way, the first time. We work with general maintenance services from filters, fluids and tires all the way to NASA/SCCA spec builds with Multi-link conversions and Custom fuel systems! We are here to keep Subies on the road and not looking as paperweights in your front yard!


From the moment your car arrives we perform the following:

Overall inspection into the integrity of the body and chassis

Complete World Class Certified Multi-Point Inspection

A complete work-up of time & mileage maintenance requirements

Recommendations into maintenance, parts, tuning and support for reliability and power

A tentative “build” plan for the upcoming future


Treatment of your car the way we’d handle our own!



Making sure you and your car is ready for what’s about to come!

  • Pre-purchase minor and major inspections
  • Pre-dyno tuning Basic and Advanced inspections
  • Emissions Services
  • Complete Multi-Point World Class Certified Inspection on all cars!


We are your one stop shop and the most affordable Subaru Specialist Repair facility in the Midwest!

  • Synthetic Oil Change Packages (Motul 5w40 standard w/ OEM Subaru Engine Oil Filter)
  • OEM Subaru Service Interval Packages - OEM Spec using Subaru OEM Parts!
  • Performance Packages for Service Intervals available using only Motul Fluids!
  • We can take care of your tire needs, from M&H to Hoosier Slicks down to the basic Tire-Rack Specials for your summer and winter tire needs!!!
  • Emission Services, Brake Systems, Air Conditioning and Alignments


Complete Custom Packages Setup PER CLIENT! We don’t do cookie-cutter anything!

  • Six Star Specific Stages inclusive of reliability and drive-ability mods.
  • Swaps and Custom Builds
  • Intercooler, Intake and Exhaust Upgrades
  • Complete Fuel System Upgrades
  • We advocate “free” power mods; simply ask your SSM rep for details
  • Performance Fluids
  • Custom interior and aesthetics applications
  • Thermal efficiency, Aero efficiency and “Driver Aid” packages available




We do it all and we won’t hesitate to tell you what is what!

  • OEM Subaru Short Block
  • Remanufactured Shortblocks and Longblocks
  • Built Shortblock and Longblocks
  • Built Closed Deck Options
  • Custom cylinder head modifications from combustion chamber matching and modifications or hand porting and casting clean-ups all the way to CNC porting!
  • All engines come with a reliability components packages inclusive of the following…
  • Upon delivery we go through the car, the process as to which services were performed along with the newly added features and cautions to be reviewed with the client themselves.

Engine builds, swaps and even freshly serviced engines via headgaskets will receive a simple “how-to” to best maintain the vehicle during the break-in procedures or until the completed tune and release is performed.



We perform all the work necessary for your Subie!

  •  Clutch and Flywheel Combo’s, Shifters, Mounts and Fluids
  • OEM Rebuilds, Performance Enhancements and Swaps!
  • DCCD Pro Dealers and Authorized Tuners
  • Custom CV Shaft and Driveshaft Production
  • Front, Center and Rear Differential Repairs
  • Getrag 6 Speed Specialists!




Handcrafted; Bespoke components designed to your requirements. We’ll handle the one-off custom units all the way to multi dozen production pieces. We specialize in fabrication on the personal level. Something custom tailored to what you want and what you deserve.

  • Intake, Intercooler and all Aluminum Welding needs
  • Headers, Exhaust Systems and all Stainless Welding Needs
  • Subframes and Suspension Points
  • Fuel Systems, Safety Equipment and Pit Prep Work

The SSM product line is also tailored to the regular guy. Something simple and clean, regularly used and sought after but designed with one purpose in mind, functionality and consistency.

We are here for retention and life-long relationships, come be part of the Six Star family and get the attention you deserve with a price point that won’t hurt your pocket!